Friday, August 7th, 2020

75 Ball Live Bingo

The game of bingo only has a few popular variations, but 75 ball bingo is one of the most used, particularly in the United States of America. Compared to 90 ball bingo (its biggest competitor), 75 ball bingo uses a very versatile card. These bingo cards have five rows and five columns, which create 24 numbered spaces and a free (or wild) space in the center.

With a 5×5 grid, there are a lot of ways for players to win. Getting five in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) is typically an option, but there are also variations like outside boxes, postage stamps, and full house. Bingo halls can even assign special winning patterns like Christmas trees to allow for seasonal 75 ball bingo games.

Below we are listing the best 75 Ball Bingo sites

Live Bingo Live Studio US Friendly Bonus Play now
Crown Bingo Yes No £25 Free
Vics Bingo No Yes 150% Bonus
Steamy Live Bingo Yes No £25 Free


Playing 75 ball bingo isn’t difficult at all, especially on the Internet. Just log in to your online bingo account and choose which game you want to play. You can buy-in by purchasing bingo cards, several at a time usually, and then it is up to you to decide how involved you would like to be. You cannot control any part of the game in a way that increases your chances, so you may choose to use an auto dauber. This tool, which is available at most online bingo sites, lets you hand over the controls to the computer. It ensures that you don’t miss any numbers and can give you a chance to enjoy the game without getting tied up in the details.

There are literally hundreds of different websites on the Internet that offer bingo games, but only a select few offer live games on a daily basis. If you are tired of trusting a computer to present a fair game, or if normal online bingo does not seem personable enough for you, live bingo is the perfect solution. These games are led by a true presenter who conducts the entire game over a live video feed. You can interact with this person, as well as the other players in the room, by typing in the chat box on your screen. As this kind of bingo game becomes ever more prevalent, it will probably become the standard one day for all bingo sites. Until then, you still need to verify that your prospective online bingo halls run live bingo games.

The Top Bingo Sites for Live 75 Ball Bingo

For players who do not already know where they want to play 75 ball bingo, our number one recommendation is They have a $25 bonus for all new depositors and they will give you £1 for free just for creating your free bingo account. They have live bingo on a daily basis and the side games are more than lucrative enough to satisfy the players who wants to pursue jackpots worth millions of pounds. They make sure to keep their players up to date on the best jackpots by publishing updates on their Facebook page and on the Crown Bingo Blog. Finally, Crown Bingo is a name you can trust. Their reputation is immaculate and they have live electronic support available for any bingo players that needs assistance.

As an alternative to Crown Bingo, is a spectacular bingo site for 75 ball bingo players. Their Virtue Fusion bingo software powers a wide variety of games and provides support for their live bingo room. Live games are operated daily from midday until midnight, and each day of the week comes with its own unique bingo promotion. Super Saturday, for example gives you a Buy One, Get One Free promotion for all of your cards. Also, Free Sundays actually gives you a chance to play games at no charge to you – for real money bingo cash prizes – every Sunday evening. For a more interactive experience, you can play team bingo with other players. A prize is awarded to be the best team of the week, and then at the end of each month, there are extra jackpots for the top bingo teams.