Saturday, August 8th, 2020

90 Ball Live Bingo

Here we have the most popular bingo variation in the United Kingdom. The cards in 90 ball bingo utilize a 27-space format with three rows and nine columns. The object of the game is to fill entire rows (each with nine spaces) as the numbers are called at random. There are payouts for getting one row, two rows, and all three, which is known as a full house. In many cases, you can also win a jackpot by getting a full house within a certain number of calls.

This simple game has a long history in bingo halls across the UK and now you can play it online. Live bingo sites are amazingly good at recreating the experience that you are used to, but with the added convenience and bonus opportunities that can only be found on the Internet.


Live Bingo Live Studio Bonus Play now
Crown Bingo Yes £25 Free
Deal or No Deal Bingo Yes £25 Free DealorNoDealBingo
Steamy Live Bingo Yes £25 Free


The 90 ball bingo variation has many fewer winning patterns than other variations like 75 ball American bingo, but this bare bones simplicity is one of its biggest selling points. All you have to do in order to play this game is choose your cards (or even have the computer choose them at random) and then wait for the game to start. Some players subscribe to card selection theories, but you can be sure that live bingo is truly random. You may want to manually mark your cards to make the game feel as realistic as possible, but otherwise most online bingo halls let you use an optional auto-dauber that take card of this task for you. When using an auto-dauber, you can just sit back, relax, and watch the game unfold.

Play 90 Ball Bingo Live Online

Most online bingo sites, if not all of them, allow you to play 90 ball bingo, but finding this game in a live format is much more rare. Live bingo takes your online play to a whole new level by actually incorporating a live presenter into your game. This individual is running a mechanical ball blower, which guarantees the fairness of the game, just as it does in real life. Since the digital bingo rooms with live games still manage to offer bonuses and promotional opportunities, they are almost always going to be the best option you can find. Here are two of our favorite online bingo rooms that offer live 90 ball bingo.

The first is This online bingo hall somehow manages to make live 90 ball bingo even more interesting by changing up their live bingo line up with special promotions. Their happy hour special (7-8pm) and Safe Cracker after 9pm help to break things up and let you change the pace of your game. The live bingo room in is only open in the evenings and closes at midnight every day. During the off-hours, you can still play the computerized 90 ball bingo games like those that you may have seen on other online bingo sites.

Another bingo site that promises a great live 90 ball bingo experience is In case their name didn’t already tip you off, this bingo site has built their business around offering the best live bingo games possible. On top of this important feature, they also have larger than average bonus packages to help them reward players like you. Get £1 for signing up and, if you end up making a deposit of any size, there will be another £25 coming your way.

Understand Your Live Bingo Jackpots

When playing at either of these real money bingo sites, jackpots give players an extra incentive. These jackpots give you a chance to win much larger payouts than normal, but winning a bingo jackpot is fairly unlikely. If you are intent on chasing these big payouts though, look for games that advertise a reduced jackpot structure. Every time a player wins a jackpot in one of these live 90 ball bingo games, the next jackpot gets a little smaller but the required number of calls becomes higher. This increased call count makes it significantly easier for any player to have a chance at winning a real bingo jackpot.