Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

Bingo in real life

Bingo is a popular game normally played in a room or hall full of people. Although to win the game some luck is needed, many players rely on a variety of strategies to improve their chances. It is a community game, where players often become friends and chat as the game progresses. As the game progresses the excitement builds up and the room usually quiets down, until all of a sudden a player shouts “Bingo!”

Normal Types Of Bingo

There are a number of traditional types of bingo. Two of the main ones are known as the UK version, with 9 balls and the US version, with 7 balls. Both types are played in the same way.

In the UK version, the marking card has 3 rows and 9 columns. Each column on has numbers within a range, such as 1 to 9, 10 to 19 and so on. The lowest number possible is 1 and the highest is 90. In the US version, marking cards have 5 rows and 5 columns. Once again, each column has a range of possible numbers, normally 1 to 15, 16 to 30 and so on. The highest possible number in the US version is 75.

Where To Play

The locations where players can play Bingo are indeed varied. Whilst Bingo events are organized throughout the year in halls, rooms, indoor and outdoor, daily Bingo is normally held in a club. Clubs are ideal for playing as they are specially designed for the game, offering players a comfortable setting with minimal background noise.

Many clubs also offer numerous incentives for players. First-time players are sometimes given a free welcome bonus which allows them to play without using any of their own money. Clubs also reward regular players with special offers and bonuses. Players begin to familiarize themselves with the friendly staff and other players and this helps make the game more fun for them.

The Prizes

Various jackpots await the winner of each game, but what is particularly exciting for the players is that prizes are often linked to the number of buy-ins for that game. That means that on particularly busy games, the winner can really win big. Nevertheless, guaranteed prizes are also offered at many Bingo clubs.

Linked bingo games, where there is one caller which transmits the numbers live to a number of halls, tend to offer much higher value prizes, due to the increased number of players. To make the game more fun and exciting, certain clubs introduce special patterns or challenges that provide special prizes or bonuses.

Unusual Types Of Bingo

As the gameplay of the game is normally straightforward and easy to understand, organizers have created a wide variety of special real-life Bingo games. These not only add an extra twist to the game but also allow seasoned players to have a go at a new challenge.

Shotgun Bingo is a faster version of the traditional game. It is normally played in between regular games but players normally hold only 1 or 2 cards and the caller calls out the number much faster. Contrary to Shotgun Bingo, Quick Shot Bingo can be a much slower version of this popular game. In this version, the numbers would be pre-drawn and the players buy cards with pre-selected numbers. Depending on the rules, players normally need to have a particular pattern and so new numbers are drawn until someone gets this pattern.

For players wanting a very unusual variance of the game, they should try Cowbingo. This is usually a fundraising event normally held at county fairs, but it could work anywhere where a cow is readily available. A fenced grid is first laid or drawn on the ground with boxes of equal size. Each box has a unique number. At the start of the game, which normally lasts an hour, a cow is introduced in this grid by a handler. At any point, the cow can drop its patty onto a number and the holder of the number will be the winner. Special rules would come into force if the cow does not drop any patty or does so in two different squares.

Families with young children like to play Carbingo on long car journeys. Since Bingo is, above all else, a social game, it does help make family time fun and engaging for all ages. In Carbingo, cards normally have pictures instead of numbers on them. The game starts when everyone is in the car and the engine has started. Everyone who isn’t driving can be a player and needs to mark the persons, animals, and objects which they come across on their journey. This is a game which requires a lot of concentration and the ability to notice things in the distance. It is also, sometimes, a lifesaver for parents with overactive kids.