Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

About BingoStudioLive.co.uk

Live bingo is sweeping the Internet and Bingo Studio Live is right at the heart of this movement. This site calls itself a TV bingo channel, but it is really so much more. They are the engine behind all of the live bingo games on the Better Bingo Network (BBN) and all of the BBN bingo sites like CrownBingo, SteamyBingo and LiveBingo. Most players will never actually have to visit the Bingo Studio Live website. Their games run seamlessly within the same bingo halls that you already know and love. Since their entire business is built around providing the best live bingo experience possible, they really go the extra mile to make sure you are having fun.

Live bingo is not just a quick feature that gets tacked on to standard online bingo sites. It is a complete reinvention of the game. Whenever you play real money bingo on a live site, you get to share a community environment with the presenter and the other bingo players just like you. You also get to watch as a real ball is drawn at random. This serves to build a lot of excitement while also guaranteeing that the game is not rigged. A random number generator just cannot compete in either of these categories.

The presenters at BingoStudioLive.co.uk are the face of the business, and they do not disappoint. These friendly individuals breathe life into every game they present. In hopes of making things as personal as possible, you can even interact with them by typing in the chat box and yes, they will speak back to you. If you would like to learn more about the presenters, you can actually go to their website and browse through all of the profiles.

All games are broadcasted live from six in the evening until midnight and there is much more to play than just standard bingo. They operate six different side games including dodge, higher or lower, and safe cracker (with an enticing progressive jackpot). To explore these options and see what Bingo Studio Live has to offer, go to any BBN bingo site, including CrownBingo.com, and create your free account today.