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Cookie & Privacy Policy

Before we begin, we must remind you that the purpose of our site is to provide a comparison of online casinos and operates as an entertainment affiliate website, it should not be accessed by anyone under the age of 18.

On our site, we, like most other websites, use cookies to help make sure that our site works correctly and allows for the optimum online experience that can be achieved. With their help, we make sure that everyone has the best experience when using our site as possible.

Within this Cookie and Privacy Policy, you will learn exactly how and why we use cookies so that we are completely transparent about what we do with the information we get from your cookies. It should allow you to know exactly what we collect and why so that we can safely say that we have been as transparent as possible with those who use our site for their casino finding needs.

Non-personal Information

The thing to know is that the information we collect is statistical, as well as other analytical data, in the form of cookies. This is non-personal information and so it cannot be used to identify an individual person. It may include things like location, time zone, device and other data that concerns how you navigate our site. This information is then processed via tools such as Google Analytics or Hotjar, which help us to analyse how the people who access our site use it and then we will compile reports that reflect website activity and internet usage.

What’s a Cookie?

You may have heard the term but might not know what exactly it is. However, it is pretty simple actually. They are merely a text file that stores information when you surf the web. They are used to help improve your browsing experience. They do this by remembering specific interests, as well as saving past selected preferences. Which means the more you use our site, the more personalised your experience becomes.

The cookie we use collect non-personal data that concerns your activity on our website and so will track things such as your browser, the pages you visit and how long you spend on our website. If you want, you can choose to disable these cookies by changing your browser settings and opting to clear cookies.

While of course, it is completely up to you whether or not you want to do that, it may cause problems on our site, in that it may cause the full functionality of our site to not be reached. If you want to avoid this then you simply just select “accept” when prompted by our cookie disclaimer button. This will hereby give us consent to process your data for the aforementioned reasons. However, if you are concerned about your privacy, then there is no need as we never sell or disclose your cookie information to any third parties.

Types of Cookies

Cookie Permissions is what you will be allowing us to have when you select “accept” on the cookie disclaimer button. This needs to be accepted when you use our site for the first time, or when there have been no cookies previously stored. These cookies are made up of three different types.

a. Session Cookies

Session cookies are used while you navigate our site. They are needed to allow our site to function optimally and correctly and when you close your browser, they will be deleted. You can opt out of these cookies, but it will mean your user experience will likely be affected.

b. Functional Cookies

These cookies save your preferences and setting to make sure you get a personalised experience when you use our website, with adjustments made to the information you are provided on our website. Upon revisiting our website, the cookie information is recovered, meaning that over time, your experience gets better and more personalised with every visit.

c. Analytic Cookies

Analytical cookies keep hold of non-personal information about visits to our website and user behaviour displayed by them. The data is used internally to make a statistical analysis of the website’s trends, to improve experiences for our user and diagnose any technical issues that the site has. This information cannot be used to identify you, or anyone else for that matter.

How Can You Manage your Cookie Settings?

You can easily make changes to your cookie preferences on most internet browsers. All you have to do is access the internet browser settings and opt to refuse or delete existing cookies. As we have previously mentioned, if you do choose to our use of cookies, then it will mean your browser experience could be impaired. If you would like more information about cookies and the managing of them, then you should visit this site to find out more.

Changes to The Policy

It is worth knowing that every now and then, we will make changes to our cookie policy for any number of reasons. However, if this does happen then you can find out about them by returning to this page. These changes are rarely drastic and will certainly not affect things such as our promise to never share cookie or personal information with third parties. However, it is of course always important to stay informed about these things, so we would recommend visiting here every now and then to make sure you understand exactly what it is happening behind the scenes.

Date last updated: 8/12/2018