Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

Maestro Bingo Sites

The Maestro debit card is the UK sister company of MasterCard. As a general bingo deposit method, it is very reliable, and it’s perfect for bingo players who need a way to get money into their bingo accounts. Most serious online bingo sites do accept Maestro payments, but some are even better than the rest. Refer to the table below to see our favorite Maestro-accepting online bingo sites.

Maestro Bingo Live Studio Bonus Play now
Crown Bingo Yes £25 Free CrownBingo.com
Deal or No Deal Bingo Yes £25 Free DealornoDealBingo.com
Steamy Live Bingo Yes £25 Free SteamyBingo.com

As a debit card, Maestro only works when you have sufficient funds in your checking account. Unlike a credit card where you get billed on a monthly basis, debit cards can just pull money directly out of your account. As long as you have enough money, this is fine, but if you lose track and start spending too much, you are just asking for trouble.

Remember, the money that you deposit in your live online bingo site will be subtracted from your account balance within just a few days. If you are a little short on cash, you may need to delay your deposit. At the same time, these restrictions limit the effects of identity theft. If someone gets a hold of your credit card info, they can’t spend more than you keep in your account. Additionally, in cases of fraud, you can rely on Maestro to help sort out unauthorized purchases and get you back up to speed. Overall, this is a highly recommended deposit option for most UK bingo players.