Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

PaySafeCard Bingo Sites

With PaySafeCard, online bingo has become a possibility for players across Europe who had been unable to deposit using traditional methods. Instead of making a deposit using a credit card or through and electronic wallet (which may require a bank account), PaySafeCard gives everyone a chance to play with nothing more than cash at the below PaySafeCard bingo sites.

You can buy these pre-paid cards in €25, €50, €75, and €100 denominations from local convenience stores or even over the Internet. Online gambling sites like bingo halls have been accepting PaySafeCard deposits for years; here are some of our favorites:

PaySafeCard Bingo Live Studio Bonus Play now
Crown Bingo Yes £25 Free CrownBingo.com
Deal or No Deal Bingo Yes £25 Free DealornoDealBingo.com
Steamy Live Bingo Yes £25 Free SteamyBingo.com

When you have received your PaySafeCard pre-paid card, it will have a PIN printed on it. This is the number that you have to type in to complete your deposit at an online bingo site. Since these cards can be purchased with cash, and since the PIN is the only required information, PaySafeCard can provide you with a basic platform for anonymous payment. You don’t even need to reveal your name, let alone your credit card information, so PaySafeCard really does live up to its name by keeping you safe.

Using a PaySafeCard to deposit at any kind of online live bingo website, or for online purchases, does not expose you to any risk beyond losing the amount of money that you have on the card.