Friday, August 7th, 2020

Solo Card Bingo Sites

Solo card is a brand of debit cards in the same family as Maestro. It has been in service for over a decade in the United Kingdom and continues to be a solid deposit option for online bingo players. Below we are providing you with the best Solo card bingo sites online.

As opposed to a credit card, debit card expenditures are subtracted from your bank account as they are processed. This feature can be both good and bad. It means that it is important to keep your account balance high enough to prevent bounced payments, but it can also minimize the damages caused by identity theft. Either way you look at it, your bank will not send any money until it has verified that your account balance is high enough to cover the cost. Even though it might take a couple of days for your bank to fully process your Solo card transaction, most online bingo rooms will instantly credit your account for the proper amount for your convenience.

Not every online bingo site accepts Solo card deposits, but here are some of our favorites:

Solo Card Bingo Live Studio Bonus Play now
Crown Bingo Yes £25 Free
Deal or No Deal Bingo Yes £25 Free
Steamy Live Bingo Yes £25 Free

Your Solo card is as easy to use for online bingo deposits as a normal credit card and these types of deposits are completely free for all cardholders which makes Solo card bingo sites very popular. Your Solo card also comes fully packed with safety mechanisms and fraud monitoring services. Some of the larger UK banks like HSBC are just now starting to replace Solo cards with VISA Debit cards, but the Solo brand isn’t going away anytime soon.