Saturday, August 8th, 2020

iPhone Bingo

IPhone applications are one of the latest phenomenon’s to hit the modern world with applications for virtually anything you can think of, its no wonder that the bingo world has jumped on the bandwagon.  There are many bingo applications available from free online friendly games to some of the biggest names in the industry. 

The applications in most cases have been specifically designed for mobile play which means that the regular function have been adapted to support the touch, tap and swipe features which dominate most mobile phones.  This modification however, does not been that quality is compromised anywhere else, as the graphics and the audio are still the same exceptional quality as you would expect to find on the online sites. 

Where to play real money bingo on iPhone?

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Mecca Bingo Yes £50 Free

Mecca Bingo is the UK’s best loved bingo site and it now offers its self to the world of iPhone applications.  As with many companies Mecca has discovered the need to keep up with technology and as the digital hand held world seems to be moving at an alarming rate, Mecca bingo is fast on its tale. 

Mecca bingo aims to give players the flexibility of real money online bingo on the move so no matter where you are you will never miss that all important game again.  Its bingo anytime, anyplace, anywhere.  The application offers the same great 90 ball games that you see online and it also offers the same tremendous jackpots and great prizes so just because your screen has shrunk, it doesn’t mean that your jackpots will as well. 

Mecca has tried to incorporate its bingo hall feel into every game, and I have to say it has dome a very good job.  Not only do you get the same great bingo games, jackpots and prizes, Mecca has also developed a special iPhone chat community area which includes a quick text feature and lots of unique similes so you can keep in touch with your online bingo community whilst playing.  Bingo is more than just a game, it’s a community where like minded people find friends and this how now been extended to the mobile world, its social networking with a bingo twist! 

Another feature of the great Mecca bingo application is the pre-paid tickets feature; this means that you can order your tickets via your iPhone, so you will never miss that important jackpot game.  Mecca bingo offers all its new iPhone application players a free £5 to spend you like on the site, it’s a way of welcoming you into the community, and what better way to say hello, than with a little bit of cash.  

Downloading of the application is free and easy and can be completed in three easy step, all you need to do is select the iPhone app from your phone, it will then lead you to the iTunes directory where you search Mecca’s bingo, find the application and download it to your telephone its as easy as that, you can then go on to fill in your user registration details or if you are already an online member you can use the same details for your account as you do online. 

It’s Bingo, its Mecca, its iPhone all in one.