Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

On Responsible Gaming


Livebingosites.com is the website designed for kings and queens–that is, for all of our players! For our players to truly feel like royalty, we believe that they should enjoy their gaming responsibly, which will guarantee that gaming will always remain a pleasant activity.

We are pleased to know that most of our players play responsibly; however, some players find that gaming has become a problem, or are unaware of how to gamble responsibly. We at livebingosites.comĀ  are dedicated to giving our players our all.

That includes giving them the assistance they need to keep their gaming at a responsible level; hence, we have written this Responsible Gaming page for our players’ benefit. We strongly advise all of our users to read it, even if they already gamble responsibly.

Protection of Minors

A major and important part of responsible gaming is making sure that minors are not exposed to gambling. We at livebingosites.com do our part in this matter by employing the strictest identification methods to make sure that all of our users are of the legal age to gamble.

However, children might become exposed to gaming nevertheless: either because parents are not doing their part to keep them safe, or the minors have managed to access gambling software behind their parents’ backs. Here is a list of things to do to prevent that from happening:

  • When using shared devices to gamble, use different user profiles. Log on to a separate profile to gamble.
  • Furthermore, when using such devices, never leave any gambling software running openly around unattended children.
  • If not using a separate profile on such devices, then avoid using the ‘save password’ option, as minors might access your gambling account.
  • If you are worried that your children might be exposed to gambling without your knowledge, we suggest for you to install child-protective software like CYBERsitter or Net Nanny.
  • Do not glamourise gambling in front of minors or wager on their behalf–remember that minors are impressionable!
  • Do not let your minors make free use of your banking details, as those details are the sort we use to verify users’ ages!

A Short Guide to Gaming Responsibly

Whilst minors will definitely need protection from gambling, so do our legitimate players! To make sure that our players are not defenceless against the assaults of addiction, this list of tips should give our players an idea of how to gamble responsibly:

  • Set aside a portion of expandable income for gambling–never spend more than you can afford to!
  • Similarly, set aside a portion of your time for gambling, and use the rest of your time for other hobbies, responsibilities, family, friends, etc. Only use time you are willing to sacrifice from other things in your life.
  • Gambling should be fun, not stressful–if you are feeling stressed because of gambling, take a break!
  • Become as informed as possible about the symptoms of problem gaming–preparing for the worst is often enough to prevent it.
  • Chasing losses will only result in more losses–losing is a natural part of the game!
  • Winning is only one aspect of the game–do not expect to make a profit from gambling.
  • Similarly, never expect to win–the odds are always against you!
  • Avoid getting into debt just to have more money to gamble with.

Effective Ways to Keep Your Gaming Responsible

If no matter how much you try, you keep finding yourself unable to gamble responsibly, then are ways and means available to make sure your gambling is never too much. There are also ways, should users wish to, to stop gambling altogether.

1. Limiting Your Deposits

One of the major obstacles that players encounter in their journey to responsible gaming is limiting how much they deposit. For such players, livebingosites.com offers the option to limit their deposits for a period of time, which will help them learn to play within limits.

2. Cutting Ties With Social Media

Taking breaks from gambling is essential to keeping gaming responsible, and it helps with keeping gaming fun and not stressful. But, it is nearly impossible to take breaks if you follow social media pages that encourage you to gamble, so we suggest unfollowing them.

3. Taking a Break From Playing

If you find taking a break from gambling practically impossible, then livebingosites.com offers the option to restrict your access to our website for a period between 1 and 30 days, during which we will not contact you, to be able to get some well-deserved peace of mind.

4. Self-Exclusion

Sometimes, goodbye is the only way, and we understand if you cannot spend time on livebingosites.com anymore. For these situations, we offer the option for players to exclude themselves from our website for at least year, but can it become a permanent exclusion.

On this note, gamers in the U.K. are able to make use of a self-exclusion system known as GAMSTOP: registering to this system means that players are automatically excluded from all U.K. licensed gaming operators, both digital and brick-and-mortar.

5. Gambling Limiting and Blocking Software

If players would like a more efficient way of controlling their gambling, they can look into software like PlayScan that warns them when they are gambling too much. However, if they wish to do away with gambling altogether, they can use software like Betfilter and Gamblock.

When Gaming Becomes a Problem

Sometimes, the worst is only bound to happen, but being aware of its manifestations will definitely make you far more prepared for it, or might help with preventing it altogether. Here is a comprehensive list of symptoms of problem gaming for our players’ benefit:

  • You often try to recoup your losses, and/or attempt to deal with financial troubles by gambling.
  • You find yourself gambling progressively larger amounts of money to keep gambling exciting.
  • You end up gambling all your money away to get a buzz.
  • You feel an immense amount of stress due to gambling, and you try to cope with it by using alcohol and/or drugs.
  • The stress of gambling has gotten to the point of severe anxiety and/or depression.
  • You are so preoccupied with gambling that you can talk and think of nothing else.
  • Your preoccupation with gambling is so bad that it is taking up all your time and make everything else seem like a waste of time that could be spent gambling.
  • You end up not paying for necessities, stealing and/or borrowing money, and/or selling your possessions to have money for gambling.
  • You find yourself lying to loved ones, and/or attempting to hide your gambling from them.
  • Your gambling is causing you to constantly argue with your loved ones, and drift away from them.

Finding the Help You Need

If any of the above symptoms are applicable to either you or a loved one, then there is a substantial chance that a gambling addiction has formed. If so, then are truly sorry to know, but there is help available and things will get better!

We strongly advise you to seek a professional that will help you with determining the extent of your problems, and give you the necessary therapeutic remedies to your problems. Here is a list of online organisations that should surely help:


BeGambleAware is an educational website that is meant to deliver as much information as possible about problem gaming, its symptoms, how to avoid it, etc. to gamers. They also provide a service where they connect problem gamers with professional help.


GamCare is a team of psychiatric experts dedicated to helping problem gamers and that provide their services over the phone, through live chats, and face-to-face therapy. They also provide information about problem gambling, ways to counter it, self-assessment tools and so on.


Gambling Therapy is another team of psychiatric professionals that are committed to lending a hand to problem gamers, by offering therapy through emails, forums, live chats and online groups. They also offer information on problem gaming, self-help tools, etc.