Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

Online bingo


There is a reason why 85% of bingo enthusiasts play online as opposed to in bingo halls. The perks are endless and the convenience is immeasurable. If you are venturing into the world of online bingo you are in the right company. You might be a seasoned bingo veteran already or you might be new to the game. Either way, this guide will explain anything and everything there is to know about online bingo.

There are many different online bingo websites that offer a wide variety of games and jackpots and if you’ve never joined the online bingo brigade before, it can feel a little bit overwhelming. If you fall into this crowd, stop worrying and keep on reading.


Bingo is a very easy game. You need to listen to the numbers being called out and then you need to mark the numbers on your card. It is however good to have a little bit of background before you dive into the fun game. It will definitely give you a great advantage.

The two most common bingo games offered at online casinos are the 90-ball bingo and the 75-ball bingo. Although the 90-ball bingo is most commonly played in the UK and the 75-ball bingo more commonly played in the US, when playing online you can choose whichever game suits you best. Or, you can play both, which eliminates any decision making which can sometimes be difficult.

One of the biggest challenges when playing bingo in a bingo hall is keeping up with the numbers that are called and marking them on your many bingo cards. It is a game that involves a lot of multi tasking and quick thinking.

The biggest frustration is when you miss the opportunity to call out bingo before the next number is called. If you miss the opportunity, you miss the win, which is not a happy moment for any bingo player.

This is why silence is golden in a bingo hall. There is no time to chat to your neighbor. When playing online however, socializing is a major part of the game. And to make things more exciting, you can take your multitasking skill to next level and play slots, blackjack or roulette at the same time.

How is this possible? Online bingo has a ‘auto-play’ option that allow the system to automatically mark the numbers on your cards as they are called and the ‘best card sorting’ option instructs the computer to place the cards with the best odds of winning at the top of your screen so that it is easily seen. And, there is also a ‘best card highlighting’ option that will remind you to highlight the cards that are close to a win.

When playing at some online bingo sites you don’t even have to call bingo in order to win, your card will win automatically.

Bingo has never been more convenient. And, with all these different wonderful options, not only do you get the opportunity to socialize with your friends, you also get the chance to use these tools to win more money.


The number of people that is playing and the cost per card determines the amount of money that can be won when playing online bingo. Obviously the higher the cost per card and the more players involved, the higher the winnings.

But you must also remember that your odds of winning decrease when there are a high number of people playing. That is why most bingo fans prefer to play when there is less traffic.

Although bingo has a standard payout, many bingo sites offer additional jackpots and prizes. Players also have the opportunity to play for a progressive jackpot but it is required that you cover the whole card or play in a certain pattern within a fixed number of calls.

If no one wins the progressive jackpot, it is carried over to the next game until one lucky players walks away with a remarkable amount of money.

Many bingo sites offer you the opportunity to play for free. Although you cannot win any real money, it will give you the chance to get to know the game before splashing any of your own cash.


  • Reputation is key

When you start playing for real money, you want your money to be in good hands so it is important to choose a bingo site that has a good reputation. The site must be licensed which means that it is regulated by law. You will find this important information on the bingo site’s website but if you are still not 100% sure, you can read on many different forums that will supply you with all the necessary information.

  • It’s all about community and culture

Most bingo players will admit that bingo is a combination of online gaming combined with social networking and this is one of the biggest perks of this age-old game. Different casinos attract different types of bingo players so you should poke around on the net to find one that is suitable for you.

Some casinos offer players the option of having private conversations and other feature chat hosts to keep the conversation flowing.

  • Free money offers

When you play online bingo you will have many opportunities to play with free money, which will give you the opportunity to win real money. Make sure your casino of choice offers you bonus offers along the way. The more free money you can get your hands on, the longer you can play.