Saturday, August 8th, 2020

Online Keno

For a lot of players, the recent rise in Keno’s popularity makes the game seem brand new, but nothing could be further from the truth. Keno has literally existed for over two thousand years in China, its birthplace. This game was introduced to the west within the last two centuries and it has been appearing in major Las Vegas casinos for several decades. Keno’s history is much shorter when you examine its role in online gaming, but its future is as bright as ever. So many players love this game because it is easy to play and the payouts can reach truly extraordinary levels. If you are starting to think that online keno could be the right game for you, continue reading as we discuss the rules and strategies of this thrilling game.

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At the very start of the game, you receive one or more Keno tickets. These tickets contain eighty numbers and it is your job to choose anywhere from one to ten of them. Then, turn in your ticket along with a wager to finish up. Once all of the bets are in, your casino will choose twenty winning numbers at random. In live casinos, this is done with the use of a spinning hand cage or a mechanical blower, but online casinos can do it instantly by using a simple random number generator. No matter how they are picked, though, your payout can be determined by accounting for the size of your bet, the number of Keno numbers you chose, and how many of your choices ended up being selected as winning numbers.

Most online casinos limit your wagers so that they cannot exceed five dollars, but even a bet of this size can net a huge jackpot if you get lucky; and luck is almost all there is to it. Everything is done randomly, so as long as you trust your online Keno casino, you don’t have to think twice about the numbers you pick. In fact, if you would like, the computer can auto guess ten numbers for you and you can even tell it to auto play a set number of Keno tickets. These tools might take the fun out of the game, but they don’t offer any better or worse odds than playing Keno the old fashioned way.

Is There An Optimum Keno Strategy?

The only thing that really matters when it comes to Keno is that you determine your bet size carefully. After you select the bet you would like to make, your casino should show you the potential payouts for each of the different outcomes before you have to commit to anything. When you look at this, you may decide to make larger bets, so that if you do get a payout, it will be truly massive. You definitely do not want to get a relatively good card but spoil it by only having a minimum-sized bet. This does happen and it would be extremely disappointing if it happened to you. On the other hand, you stand to benefit by playing with careful money management strategies. Obviously, if you lose your entire bankroll without getting a chance to take many opportunities, you are just throwing away your money. As you play, try to strike a balance between protecting your cash and having a chance to win big.

The single most important decision you have is picking an online gaming site (casino, bingo hall, etc.) that features Keno. It’s really important that you play with a company that you fully trust so that you don’t get ripped off or put your identity at risk. Other details like welcome bonuses and Keno promotions can also directly influence how successful you are. Tread carefully and consider the sites that we recommend here on this website. They all have hard-earned reputations for being legitimate places to play.