Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

Our Terms and Conditions of Use

Here at livebingosites.com we provide you with some of the latest news, updates, tips and events all from the world of iGaming. This section of our site describes our terms and conditions for using our website and you should understand that continuing to use our site constitutes an agreement by your to abide by our terms of service. You should also note that this site is intended for the use of persons of legal betting age in their country of residence at the time of using our site.

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Livebingosites.com relies upon advertising revenue and income from affiliate marketing to help keep our services and information free. Livebingosites.com does not permit illegal, explicit or immoral advertisements or links to similar content on our site. Whilst we welcome affiliations and potential partnerships, we do so at our own discretion.

Our Content

We strive to ensure that the information and content on our site is up-to-date and accurate. From time to time and because we derive our content from third parties, there may be inaccuracies or the information may become outdated. This may include outdated promotions and special or time-limited offers.

Livebingosites.com is under no obligation to ensure that the information provided is correct or current, despite our best attempts to do so.

We are not responsible for any decision by you to rely on our content nor any resulting damage to your business, reputation or any financial losses you may incur.

Using our Website

Livebingosites.com does its best to ensure that our users are able to access our site 99% of the time. Unfortunately and due to circumstances beyond our control, there may be times when the website is unavailable. Livebingosites.com cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred by users who are unable to access our site.

The material presented on Livebingosites.com is intended for personal use only and not for commercial gain by our users. Any losses incurred by reliance on our information by a commercial enterprise shall not be the responsibility or liability of livebingosites.com.

None of the information, suggestions or strategies presented on our website is promoted as being infallible or foolproof. Any risks and losses taken by our users from relying on our content is the sole responsibility of the user and not livebingosites.com.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property rights Copyright protections apply to all the content appearing on livebingosites.com. You may not republish any of the material presented on livebingosites.com either in part or in full without our express permission. This includes any content or comments provided by our users in forums or in chat boxes. Any attempt to use this content without the required permissions may be pursued under the relevant legislation.

We do welcome any potential for business partnerships or affiliations and request that anyone wishing to do so contacts us through the appropriate channels to discuss further. We underline that we do not associate our website with sexually explicit, illegal or unethical enterprises.

Malware and Virus

Our site uses the latest security measures to provide a safe and secure experience for our users. Despite this, no organization can claim to provide a 100% risk free website and we strongly recommend that users take all necessary measures to protect themselves when visiting our website.

Livebingosites.com cannot be held liable for any losses or damages to finances, privacy or electronic devices that arise from using our site and as a consequence of third party viruses or malware.

Any attempts to disrupt our services through DDoS, virus or malware distribution or any other methods will be dealt with under the applicable legislation.

Affiliate Contents

Livebingosites.com publishes content from a variety of sources, business partners and affiliates. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the content derived from these sources and urge our visitors to research and verify any information found on those websites.

Livebingosites.com are not responsible for any damages that arise from your use of those source websites or our affiliate or partner websites.

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Updates to these Terms

As with our other content we attempt to update our terms and conditions on a regular basis. The framework for our terms of service may change at any time and may be in effect before publication on this site.

We are under no obligation to notify users directly that we have updated our terms and conditions and strongly suggest that you review this page on a regular basis to confirm that you continue to agree to the terms in place for using our site.