Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

BingoCams Review – UK Live Bingo

Bingocams a new innovation in online bingo 

With the many bingo websites that are popping up all over the internet it is refreshing to see a Bingo site with a difference.  Bingocams has everything you would expect from an online bingo site, and more. 

Bingocams is fairly a new website in the UK, it has previously won lots of followers in other countries and now it is making its mark on the UK market.  Bingocams gives players the chance to interact via webcam whilst playing their favourite live bingo games

Online bingo has become a huge hit world over, not only for the great games it stages but also for the online chat rooms that are created.  All bingo sites have chat rooms where players can meet new friends and join in a little friendly banter whilst playing their favourite games.  Bingocams has taken this concept to another level. 

Their innovative software lets players chat face to face with other players via their webcams.  This as proved a great success, it enables players to interact and create real friendships with other like minded bingo fanatics.  Players can talk on a one to one basis with each other, or even have a group chat all whilst playing their favourite games; it’s like having a real bingo hall in your living room.  
Each bingo room has chat moderators whose job it is to keep control of the room, monitoring comments, making sure everyone is happy and has no problems, and also just generally keeping the momentum up to make sure all players are not just playing bingo but having a great time also.  Bingocams lets you talk face to face with your chat moderator, of if you do have any questions or problems; you can see and talk with a real person. 

Bingocams offers great incentives and bonuses for both new and old players, they also offer a unique bonus for the best live winning moment, so if your numbers come up and your webcam is on, your reaction is posted to other members, if your reaction is voted the best you will win an extra cash bonus, so you could win just for winning! 

I suspect Bingocams is the first in a long line of online bingo sites that will soon be offering this facility, it brings a whole new concept to one of Britain’s oldest and best loved games, enjoy!