Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

Bored of Classic Bingo? Try These Brilliant Bingo Back-Ups!


Bingo is a lot of fun, but after you’ve played the same old game a lot, it can become a bit tiresome.

Luckily for all bingo fans out there, some very imaginative bingo fans have conceived various different takes on the game which will be able to spice up your bingo life and bring that thrill back to the balls, both online and offline.

Here are some of our favourites:

Speed Bingo AKA Mini Bingo

Speed Bingo or Mingo Bingo is played just like the classic version, but has just 30 balls in play with smaller cards in a matrix of 9×3, hence the “Mini”, so the games are resolved much quicker, hence the “Speed”.

Whatever you want to call it, it adds much more excitement to the game thanks to its fast-paced nature and it’s also great for parties at home.

Bingo U-Pick-Em

As the name implies, it allows you to choose the numbers with which you play. Allowing you to effectively make your own luck.

This version of the game is similar to the Chinese game of Keno, or even, The Lotto, just with more numbers and smaller prizes.

Death Bingo #1

This version of the game flips classic bingo completely on its head. Rather than wanting your numbers to come up, you want to avoid them, as if you get a Bingo you’ll be out of the game.

The winner is the last person in the game.

Death Bingo #2 (h2)

Obviously, waiting for everyone in a game to get Bingo can take a very long time, so if you want a quicker version of the game, you should try this other version of Death Bingo.

The way it works is that when someone gets Bingo, that person loses instantly while every other player checks their cards to see how many numbers they have left. The person with the most numbers left after, wins.

Horse Race Bingo

Another fast and interesting version of the game is Horse Race Bingo. In this game, each player is given their own numbers from 1-15, which corresponds with the top row of the card.

The first person to match up 5 numbers in a column will win.

Remember: Only 15 players can play this game.

Bingo Blackout or Coverall Bingo

This version of the game requires players to tick off all the numbers on their card in order to win a prize pool or a jackpot.

There will be an initial jackpot, but as the game proceeds, the jackpot may increase when certain groups of numbers are reached. Alternatively, the win is initially made up of a prize pool but is added to by the house when number groups are reached. Either way, by the end of the game the prize funds can get very high.

Human Bingo

This game of Bingo is the perfect game to play at parties, as an icebreaker at a work event or indeed, any social gathering.

Rather than numbers, you use characteristics, such as hobbies, likes, dislikes etc. As you play the game, you must mingle around the room and try to find people with the characteristics on your card. When you do, you write their name in the box rather than tick off a number.

This Bingo is a great way to meet people and it can be super interesting and fun too.

Shotgun Bingo

Another really fast way to play the game is Shotgun Bingo and the premise of the game is simple.

Basically, balls are drawn and called out very quickly with very little hesitation between each one, meaning you have to have a keen ear if you don’t want to miss any of the numbers.

It can be very fun, but we’d recommend only playing with one card at the beginning and then slowly moving up to two after a while. This is because multiple cards can make it very hard to stay on top of the game.

Quick Shot Bingo

This game is different to other Bingo games as it doesn’t require a caller.

Instead, the numbers are pre-drawn and you simply purchase a card and hope it’s the numbers on it. This format is similar to a scratch-card.

Bingo Bonanza

The way this works is that somewhere between 43-46 numbers are pre-drawn – which are usually all either odd or even, but can sometimes might just be the first numbers to come out of the machine.

When you get your card, you’ll have to cross out whatever numbers were pre-drawn. If no one has Bingo after the pre-draw, then one by one, more numbers are called out until someone achieves it.

The game can be played with a progressive jackpot. The way it works is that if no one wins after the pre-draw, the jackpot increases until the desired amount of balls that are in play is reached.

If even after the number is reached no one has won, two things can happen. Either:

1. They play on until someone gets bingo but the winner doesn’t win the jackpot, rather a consolation prize, or

2. The jackpot is reset and they start again.

As such, the best way to win on this game is the very last ball.

You may be hard-pushed to find all these games online, but if you want to try them out why not host your own games at home for prizes?

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